Buy Real Estate Investment Property No Money Down.
Real Estate Investment solutions that are no money down for the savvy real estate investor who wants to make sound real estate investment.

Creative Real Estate Investments – Zero

All Properties Are Located Out of The State of California
We offer real estate investment in Birmingham, Detroit, Atlanta, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Kansas City. These are real estate investment markets where our creative real estate program produces you positive monthly cash flow.

Benefits & Features:

No money down – participate using your good credit alone to purchase a real estate investment
You do nothing - every step of the investment process is handled for you
Best real estate buying prices - you buy property at steep discounts, real estate deals
Hassle free investing - you never have to deal with tenant issues, yet gain the benefits of a cash flowing investment property
Cash Free Investing - the company even pays your mortgage for any vacant month for the first half year
High return - You keep 100% of the final resale net profits and the monthly rental net profits
Huge opportunities - quick resales for up to 10 investment properties per year

All of the rent and end sales profits are yours, without any direct involvement in your investment property. This is no fuss real estate investment that works best for you.

We encourage you to check out how it works and be inspired by testimonials from users of the program. Please initiate communication by submitting your details or contacting us – we are here to help you.

Risk & Solutions:

What risks am I taking Zero Investments and how does Zero Money Investments mitigate those risks?

Depreciation – All properties have at least 20% equity to protect against market fluctuations.
Down Payment - Zero Money Down up cash and can allow you to purchase multiple investment properties.
Stress - We connect you with pre-qualified property management companies in the area your investment property is located in.
Vacancy - We offer a 6 month mortgage guarantee.
Repairs - Before you close we will rehab the investment property for you. This will minimize your need for immediate repairs.
Negative Cash Flow - All of our investment properties are positive real estate cash flow with a tenant immediately provided.


Featured Property
St Louis Missouri - 3 bedroom

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